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A Bit Hippy Essentials Pack

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A Bit Hippy Essentials Pack

This pack contains all the Hippy Essentials to become part of our Tribe. 

1. Be Gentle With Your Temple

Use a body wash that is gentle enough for your face as well. Splash on, lather up and bliss out. Follow with your lightweight, skin-loving moisturiser. 

2. Wash Your Hair Every 3rd Day

Actually, be free! Wash it whenever you feel like washing it. Your hippy Shampoo and Conditioner will keep your locks gorgeous and your scalp happy. 

3. Be Kind to your Armpits

Don't block them up with aluminium-based antiperspirants. Instead, wear a natural deodorant that doesn't stop you from sweating as nature intended- and takes care of the bad odour at the same time. 

4. Always Be Ready To Spread Some Love

Keep those lips on fleek and well moisturised, ready to kiss anytime! Apply your vegan lip balm as often as you feel.