Mt Romance Sandalwood Larrikin Men's Aftershave Balm - 150g

Mt Romance Sandalwood Larrikin Men's Aftershave Balm - 150g

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Larrikin Aftershave Balm with new "natural active" technology to reduce the occurrence of pimples and spots, leaving skin feeling soft and pampered. The natural bacterial control system with Pure Australian Sandalwood oil will calm irritated skin and can reduce the incidence of folliculitis.

The balm is also ideal as an all-purpose moisturiser and can be applied to dry, sun damaged or irritated skin.

Sandalwood - the Essence of Australia

Behind its sweet woody scent is the healing power of Sandalwood. For thousands of years Australia’s indigenous people have used it to cleanse (antibacterial) and soothe (anti-inflammatory) the skin while relaxing the mind and body. Today it’s this natural science, proven by clinical studies around the world, that help us to deliver a range of gentle and effective products, targeted to a variety of needs.

Our products DO NOT CONTAIN...

• Animal derivatives
• Harsh detergents
• Artificial colours
• Mineral oils