Woodwick Trilogy Candle - Gentle Rain
Woodwick Trilogy Candle - Gentle Rain

Woodwick Trilogy Candle - Gentle Rain

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Dew Drops; The refreshing scent of morning dew blended with hints of green lemon leaves and fresh ivy.

Water Garden; A cool mix of fresh dew on bountiful floral and airy tones.

Aegean Sea; The relaxing scent of a salty ocean breeze with an undertone of soft floral and light woods.

Nothing adds quaint charm to a home like a high quality candle. 

WoodWick candles bring together the perfect mix of old world charm and modern fragrance. The result: a truly unique range of soy wax candles that crackle as they burn. Created using organic wooden wicks and the finest soy wax available, Woodwick has reinvented candlelight.

The Trilogy Candle allows you to enjoy three harmonious fragrances and the soothing sound of a crackling wooden wick. Each layer of wax contains a different fragrance that compliments the next so as the candle burns, each fragrance melts into the next, creating a unique new scent. 

WoodWick candles use only the best natural ingredients in their candle line to produce fresh scents that fill your home. Only natural components are mixed with the soy wax... never any harsh artificial ingredients.

Inside each and every candle is a special 'plus wick' made of organic wood. When lit, you will hear the soothing sound of a crackling fire. Combined with their amazing line of scents, this gentle cracking effect adds depth to any room.

Safer for you and your family, soy candles burn at a lower temperature and create a cool wax pool.